You Need A Hatfield On Your Side!

A Trusted Advocate For Injured People

A serious personal injury to you or someone in your family can leave you wondering which way to turn. I am Kentucky attorney Rhonda Hatfield-Jeffers and I am here to help you pursue justice and rightful compensation. From my office in Somerset, I help clients through the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Some examples of personal injuries include:

If you are a victim of any form of negligence, you may be eligible for compensation for your injuries, including compensation for medical expenses, wage loss, permanent impairment and pain and suffering. If you need a personal injury attorney, I will happily meet you for a free initial consultation. If you are unable to come to the office due to your injuries, in many cases, I can come to you.

Helping Victims Of Medical Malpractice

Sometimes people come to me suffering from injuries such as birth injuries or failure to diagnose cancer, caused by the negligence of a once-trusted doctor. Medical malpractice claims result from neglect by a health care professional who breaches standards of care. Negligence on the part of care givers often results in significant harm, serious injury or a tragic fatality. If this has happened in your family, I can help you understand your legal options.

A Caring Consultation

If you want to learn more about how I can help you, please call my Somerset office to schedule a consultation. This consultation, available at no charge to you in personal injury and wrongful death cases, is a way for me to learn more about your personal injury law case. Taking the time to get the whole picture allows me to better understand what legal steps can be taken in your situation.

A Reasonable Approach To Fees

In matters of personal injury law, I offer the approach of “no recovery, no fee.” This means that if you do not receive a settlement or award of damages, you will not have to pay any attorney’s fees. It is another indication of how seriously I take each and every personal injury case I handle — I want to win as much as you do! Court costs and case expenses will be the client’s responsibility in injury cases only when a recovery is made for them.

Less Stress For You

I know that the clients who visit my Somerset office for personal injury cases have already suffered pain, injury or disability, and I do not want you to suffer from any more stress about your case. I understand that dealing with insurance companies can be like feuding with the Hatfield and McCoys. My office will handle all of the paperwork, filing and other details of your case, permitting you to focus on your recovery. Leave the feuding up to me. I will treat you like a member of The Hatfield Clan with the respect and sensitivity you deserve.

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