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You Need A Hatfield On Your Side!

About The Law Office of Rhonda Hatfield-Jeffers, PLLC

The Hatfield Family has a long history of fighting for a cause. Everyone has heard of the Hatfield and McCoy feud. The feud became an American symbol for opposing parties in a dispute, especially one involving family and justice. I am a lawyer who proudly carries the Hatfield name, and today I fight with insurance companies and others who treat my injured clients unfairly.

If you or your family member have suffered a serious injury due to the negligence or recklessness of another in an auto wreck or another personal injury case, you need a Hatfield on your side.   For more information about my background and credentials, please click on the link below.

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I offer a free initial consultation to discuss the facts of your case, If you are injured and unable to make it into the office, in many cases I can come to you.  To schedule a consultation, call 606-679-0021 or complete my simple contact form.