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Bicyclists’ rights in Kentucky

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2021 | Uncategorized

Riding a bicycle is a fantastic way for Kentucky residents to get exercise and commute. Many individuals choose to cycle to and from their jobs, or to ride when they have time for both fitness and fun. Riding a bike is a skill that many Somerset residents acquire in childhood that they enjoy well into their later life.

However, whenever a Somerset resident goes on the road on their bicycle, they face risks from irresponsible and negligent drivers. Bicyclists have certain rights when on public roads, but also must follow specific rules. This post will discuss some of the rules that apply to bicyclists and vehicles when they share space on Kentucky roads, but no part of this post should be read as legal advice.

Rules for bicyclists are focused on safety

Like the laws that govern safe driving in the state, bicycle laws primarily revolve around keeping cyclists and other individuals on the roads free from accidents and harm. For example, bicyclists must use signals to show when they are making maneuvers like turns. They also must obey traffic laws and stay to the right when they are slower than other traffic. Bicyclists must use reflectors and lights in certain driving conditions, such as when it is overcast or dark. These are only some of the rules that bicyclists must follow to keep themselves and others safe.

Bicyclists’ rights on the road

Also like motor vehicles, bicyclists have the right to be safe and be recognized when they operate on public roads. Vehicles must give them space and respect their rights of way when applicable. Vehicles may not disregard turning or maneuvering bicyclists, and drivers of motor vehicles must ensure that they look for bicyclists before opening their doors or turning into blind areas.

When roadway users follow the rules, everyone stays safe. Unfortunately, bicyclists are often the victims of dangerous collisions between vehicles and bikes. My firm represents victims of motor vehicle accidents, including bicycle victims. Individuals who have questions and concerns about their rights after bicycle collisions can contact personal injuries attorneys that they trust.