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Three reasons drivers often miss seeing motorcycles on the roads

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2021 | Uncategorized

Motorcycle accidents often have tragic results and leave motorcyclists with long-term physical and mental harm. Though there are many causes of accidents between vehicles and motorcycles, many tie back to negligence and distraction on the part of vehicle drivers. This post will discuss three reasons that vehicle drivers often miss seeing motorcycles while out on Kentucky roads. In situations like these, motorcyclist victims may have rights to seek compensation for their losses from the parties who caused their harm and can work with personal injury attorneys for legal advice and support.

Reason #1: Drivers are not accustomed to seeing motorcycles

There can be a lot of vehicles on Kentucky highway at any given time period the vast majority of those vehicles tends to have four wheels, such as sedans, sport utility vehicles, and trucks. Drivers see more of these types of vehicles than others, which can include motorcycles. Because of the in frequency in which drivers encounter motorcycles and their riders, drivers can struggle with visual recognition of them. That means that a driver may not notice a motorcycle even if it is on the road with them because they are not accustomed to seeing them all the time. Visual recognition is not a justification for causing an accident with a motorcycle and drivers should be prepared to see any type of vehicle or obstruction when out in their vehicles.

Reason #2: Drivers let distractions impact their driving

Driving distractions are a common reason for many types of motor vehicle accidents, not just those involving motorcycles. Drivers who allow cognitive, physical, and emotional distractions to impact their driving put themselves and others at risk. Laws prohibit drivers from engaging in some types of distractions, but not all drivers follow these important safety rules.

Reason #3: Drivers do not understand how motorcycles maneuver

A final reason that some motor vehicle drivers cause damaging accidents with motorcyclists is that they do not understand how motorcycles maneuver. Motorcycles can fit into spaces that larger vehicles cannot and can stop and accelerate at different rates of speed. When a driver misjudges the speed or maneuverability of a motorcycle that is operating within the law, they may cause a damaging accident that enters the motorcyclist.

This post does not provide any legal advice to its readers. When an accident occurs between a vehicle and a motorcycle, it is important that the victim seeks medical attention and legal advice to protect their rights and options under the law.