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You need a Hatfield on your side after a car accident

On Behalf of | May 21, 2021 | Uncategorized

While we may live in a less populated area, we still cannot avoid some issues of the big city. This includes car accidents. It is an unfortunate fact of driving that accidents will happen. And, if dealing with the insurance companies feel like a feud between the Hatfield and McCoys, call a Hatfield!


Yes! At The Law Office of Rhonda Hatfield-Jeffers, PLLC, you get a real Hatfield. Our Somerset, Kentucky, firm understands the importance of family and justice, and as our clients know, we put our famous fighting spirit to work for them.

Car accidents have consequences

While some car accidents may be simple fender bender or not have any real damage, may car accidents have long-lasting affects on the victims. This is because car accident victims often experience traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, broken bones and bruises. These can have life-long, debilitating consequences. And, unfortunately, the full extent of one’s injuries may not be known for quite some time after an accident, and the full extent of chronic pain may affect one’s ability to live the life they want to live. This is why, before settling with an insurance company, car accident victims should contact an attorney to ensure their rights are protected.

Customized legal strategy

We support our clients’ needs. This is regardless of whether the negligent driver was driving a commercial truck or a private vehicle. But, we understand that there are different rules for negligent commercial and private drivers, which do effect an attorney’s legal strategy when seeking financial compensations for our client’s injuries and pain and suffering.

Personal injury support

Regardless of whether a Somerset, Kentucky, resident is injured in a life-changing severe car wreck or from a minor collision, we can help. We can help coordinate one’s recover and protect one’s rights. This includes assessing our clients legal options during our initial, free consultation. Our goal is to ensure our clients receive the maximum compensation available in their case.