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Understanding Kentucky bike laws

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While automobiles are a primary source for transportation in Kentucky, this is not the only way to get around. Many rely on bicycles to get around, causing bikers to travel near or right next to automobile traffic. This can be problematic, especially when motorists are not attentive of cyclists traveling in the area or when cyclists are not well informed of bike laws, this could result in a serious or even fatal bicycle accident.

Kentucky bike laws

While most of the bike laws in the state of Kentucky seem fairly common sense, others are specific to the level of the rider, such as advance, basic and child. The purpose of this is to help drivers understand better and assist other cyclists.

Like most states, bikes in Kentucky are considered vehicles. This means that cyclists not only have the same rights as motorists but they also have the same responsibilities of them. Thus, cyclists must obey all traffic signs and signals and lane markings. However, Kentucky does observe the Idaho stop law, which allows for cyclists to go through a red light is the light fails to detect the bicycle because it does not weigh enough for the sensor to detect it.

Cyclists riding with traffic

When a cyclist is ridding with other vehicles, they are to keep to the right except in certain circumstances. This includes getting ready to and completing a left turn, passing a slower vehicle, when the road is too narrow to share, to avoid conflict with a right turning vehicle, when it is necessary to create a safe distance to the right, if the cyclist is on a one-way street with two or more traffic lanes, it is necessary to continue on the same route or when riding on the sidewalks is allowed.

Additionally, if there are lanes exclusive to bikes, a cyclist must use these for travel. These lanes must be used unless they are turning left, are passing a slower vehicle or it is necessary to avoid a hazard.

A better understanding of bike laws could help increase the safety of a cyclist. It could also help determine the cause of a bike accident, especially if the cyclist was following the established bike laws. When a motorist is unaware of these rules or is inattentive, this could result in a crash. A bicycle accident could be the source of serious injuries and damages. Thus, victims should gain a better understanding of their options, such as filing a personal injury action for losses suffered.