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Fatal accident in Pulaski County

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2021 | Uncategorized

We live in a beautiful area of the country, wonderfully less populated than many other areas. This gives us room to breathe and room to drive, but unfortunately, this does not inoculate us from the perils of the road. Indeed, every time we get on the road, we take a risk of being in an accident and experiencing the injuries and medical care often needed after them. And, in some car accidents, death results. This is unfortunately, the case in a recent truck accident.

The truck accident itself

According to Kentucky State Police, the truck accident occurred at the intersection of KY-70 and US-27 in Pulaski County. KSP investigators found that the 39-year-old driver of a pickup truck was traveling westbound on KY-70 when he tried to make a turn across the northbound lanes of US-27. This is when he impacted another pickup that was traveling on northbound US-27, occupied by a 56-year-old driver and 59-year-old passenger. The impacted driver attempted to swerve to avoid the collision, but she was unsuccessful.

Both the driver and the passenger of the impacted vehicle suffered life-threatening injuries as a result. First responders were not able to revive them, and they passed away at the scene. The other driver was not seriously injured.

Was alcohol a factor?

The 39-year-old driver of the pickup that allegedly caused the accident was reportedly under the influence of alcohol. As a result, he was charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence, wanton endangerment and failure to use child restraint device. At the time of reporting, he was still being held at the Pulaski County Detention Center.

What happens now?

Here, from the reports, it appears that the potentially drunk driver caused this accident that killed two people. Their families are forever changed. And, while this driver will have to face the consequences of his actions through the criminal justice system, the surviving family members can also seek justice through the civil justice system. Through a personal injury lawsuit, the family can hold the driver and his insurance company responsible for all the pain and suffering they are experiencing, along with all of their expenses, like funeral costs, medical bills, vehicle damage, etc.

In addition, since alcohol was a factor, their families may be entitled to additional compensation. However, they will need to contact an attorney immediately to ensure their rights are protected. Remember, if a Somerset, Kentucky, resident is hurt in a car accident, get a Hatfield on the team.