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Multi-vehicle accident claims lives of 4 Kentucky residents

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2020 | Firm News

Missouri state authorities report a terrifying accident that occurred outside of St. Louis involving four residents of Louisville, Kentucky. The four residents (two adults and two children, all female) were traveling together in a minivan when another vehicle struck it. The two women died at the scene, while the two girls passed on later at the hospital. 

The accident occurred on Friday morning on Interstate 64. The 29-year-old male driver of a pickup towing a generator reportedly struck the minivan after losing control of his vehicle and crashing through a cable barrier in the median. The force of the collision then caused the minivan to hit an SUV. 

No information is available about the occupants of the SUV. The pickup driver sustained serious injuries. One of the women who died in the crash was a 44-year-old volleyball coach, and the other was a 40-year-old firefighter. The two girls who died in the accident were the respective daughters of the two women, each 12 years of age. 

According to law enforcement, there was no opportunity for the occupants of the minivan to avoid the crash. It is unknown which of the two women was driving it. It is also unclear whether authorities intend to file any charges. Toxicology screening of the driver who caused the crash has taken place, and a county prosecutor is reportedly awaiting the results. 

In a touching display of solidarity, firefighters from St. Louis stood watch at the morgue the night after the accident, while the Louisville fire division and a church to which the victims apparently belonged also paid tribute. Victims and families affected either directly or indirectly by car accidents may wish to consult an attorney.