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What are signs of drowsy driving?

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2019 | Firm News

The roads of Kentucky can sometimes be a dangerous place to drive. Many different drivers and types of driving behaviors can be found, including some that can be dangerous to you. For example, drowsy driving is a big issue that’s on the rise, and it can harm many drivers. 

Drowsy driving is the phenomena in which a driver who hasn’t had enough sleep gets behind the wheel of a vehicle. This can cause all sorts of problems, since the driver in question usually has diminished problem solving capabilities, lowered reaction times, and difficulty with concentrating and focusing. 

There are many signs of drowsy driving, and they can often overlap with signs of distracted driving or driving while under the influence. This is to be expected, since all three of these issues often share similar baseline properties. The signs can include seeing a car start to swerve or wobble in its lane or drift into other lanes. 

A car that is going abnormally slow or fast compared to the speed of the rest of the traffic is also a warning sign, as well as cars that seem to be braking erratically. This can also count if you notice a car continually having to brake to avoid the one in front of it, even if you aren’t dealing with a particularly crowded road. 

Are you curious to learn more about car crashes, including what causes them? Consider visiting our web page on car accidents if that is the case. You can learn more about things like drowsy driving, which has a big impact on driving culture.