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Crash kills mother pulling out of her own driveway

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2019 | Firm News

A car crash in Kentucky can happen anywhere and at any time, even close to one’s own home. A woman in West Virginia was recently pulling out of her own driveway onto a U.S. highway when another vehicle reportedly struck hers in a T-bone configuration. The woman lost her life, but an eyewitness report describes her two young passengers, one of whom was her own child, escaping the vehicle through a window. The other driver required transportation to the hospital for injuries.

There are no known witnesses to the crash itself, which occurred last Monday in the late morning. A neighbor heard the collision, which he likened to the sound of a bomb exploding, while watching television in his home. Looking out on the scene, he describes seeing smoke coming from the woman’s vehicle in the aftermath of the crash and calling 911.

While it is not clear what exactly caused the car accident, the highway where it occurred is apparently notorious for speeders. An investigation into the crash is ongoing. In the meantime, other residents of the neighborhood implore drivers to slow down and use caution along that stretch of road.

There are no details available as to the current condition of the other driver involved in the crash, nor of the condition of the two children beyond the fact that they sustained no life-threatening injuries. The ages of the children are not known. It is known that the woman who died was the mother of one of the children, but no information is available as to their relationship to the other child.

While it is a mercy that the children suffered no serious injury, there is no way to predict how the crash could affect them psychologically. People suffering mentally or physically as the result of a car accident may wish to discuss the case with an attorney.