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How does driving an RV differ from driving a car?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2019 | Uncategorized

Setting out on an RV can be a fun adventure. You can explore Kentucky and beyond in a home on wheels. You have everything you need–vehicle and house in one. However, if you are new to driving an RV, there are something you need to know because driving a large vehicle is much different than driving your typical passenger vehicle.

Axle Addict explains that the size alone of an RV produces many variables you will not find in your car. You have a different line of vision with larger blind spots. You cannot turn as sharply. You need far more room to maneuver.

There is also the height you have to worry about. Pay close attention to those warning signs about clearance when driving your RV. You do not want to scrap your top or worse by trying to fit in an area that is not tall enough to accommodate your vehicle. The same is true of the width. Narrow lanes on roads require careful driving because you will barely fit between the lines.

This also includes the overall weight of your RV, which is much more than your car. Make sure you slow down. Slowing down not only helps you to keep better control when going down the road but also it will help you to react better to what is happening on the road. Remember, you will need more time to stop since you are heavier and bigger in the RV. This information is for education and is not legal advice.