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Safety tips for navigating parking lots

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2019 | Uncategorized

People have places to go and things to do here in Kentucky. Some of those destinations are likely to involve parking lots.

Parking lots have just as much of a risk for auto accidents as open roads. provides a few tips for keeping safe and secure while navigating parking lots.

Minimize distractions

Jamming to the radio, glancing down at a phone and other distractions make it easy to miss cars backing out or approaching while backing out of a parking spot. Staying fully alert to what is going on helps avoid unnecessary fender benders.

Avoid having to back out

Often, it is easier to avoid an accident when one can easily drive straight out of a parking spot rather than have to reverse out of a spot. By driving forward rather than backward, there are fewer blind spots, which means fewer vulnerabilities. Drivers should look for spots that allow for quick and easy exits.

Drive slowly

As noted by The News Wheel, motorists should take their time while driving through parking lots. Even speeds ranging from 20 to 30 mph can lead to a nasty accident. It is best to drive no faster than 10 mph in a parking lot.

Use a signal

Many driving mishaps, in parking lots and elsewhere, are easily avoidable with communication. Using a simple turn signal lets a driver know if another driver desires the same parking spot. Waiting a few seconds for the other driver to make a move is preferable to making assumptions, which can trigger an accident.

Patience is a must for maneuvering through parking lots. A bit of it is sure to keep drivers safe and their cars in good shape.