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A Hatfield At Your Side Following Catastrophic Injuries

Millions of semi trucks travel the nation’s roads, highways and freeways. While many are operated by skilled and qualified professionals, many truck operators drive negligently or are seriously sleep-deprived, carrying tens of thousands of pounds of cargo and putting all other vehicles in their path at risk.

The physics of a commercial truck colliding with a car will more than often result in injuries to the occupants of the smaller motor vehicle. Thousands have lost their lives in tragic crashes. The moments following the accident are confusing and chaotic. While staying safe while on the scene and seeking legal help is essential, seeking legal counsel is also an important step.

A Hatfield Fighting For You

That is where I can help. I founded The Law Office of Rhonda Hatfield-Jeffers, PLLC, to represent injured victims of big-rig accidents and grieving loved ones who lost family members in tragic collisions. Relying on a true Hatfield means we will help to even the odds you face against the “McCoys” in the trucking industry. I do not shy away from a fight and am ready to litigate your case if that provides the best possible outcome.

My practice in this complicated area of personal injury claims and motor vehicle accidents includes commercial vehicles, such as semi trucks, tractor-trailers and 18-wheelers. Types of these large commercial transports include dump trucks, delivery trucks, flatbed trucks and bobtail trucks.

I also bring in experts who possess comprehensive knowledge of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act and specific regulations governing companies in trucking. I also enjoy access to a network of experts who provide much-needed insight to build the strongest case possible. Identifying who was at fault and what they did or did not do is of paramount importance.

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