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The 3 leading causes of auto-bicycle accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2022 | Firm News

Whether you live in a large city or a quiet town in rural America, a bicycle is a great way to navigate the streets where you live and/or work. It is wonderful to have a pleasant bicycle ride to get to work, or just to have some exercise and enjoy the scenery.

However, as a bicyclist, you are rarely alone on the streets. You usually must share the road with the drivers of other types of vehicles. Of course, if you compare a bicycle with motor vehicles (of varying sizes), the bicycle will pretty much never overpower the motor vehicle in the event of an accident.

The many possible causes of an auto-bicycle accident

There are many different circumstances that may lead to an accident involving a bicycle and some type of motor vehicle. The following are the three leading causes of such an accident:

  1. The motor vehicle driver turns in front of the bicycle: It is a common occurrence when a bicycle is on the road in front of the motor vehicle and the motor vehicle wants to cut in front of the bicycle so that they can make a turn. That often leads to disastrous results.
  2. The motor vehicle driver drives too close behind the bicycle: This is potentially a very dangerous practice. If the bicycle rider should happen to stop suddenly and the motor vehicle is driving too close to the bicycle, the motor vehicle will hit the bicycle and the consequences may end up being tragic.
  3. A parked motor vehicle driver opens up their door: If this occurs, the bicycle rider will run right into the door of the motor vehicle and the bicyclist will be injured or killed as a result.

In the United States, statistically, more than two bicyclists are killed per day by motor vehicle drivers. Almost every year for 10 years, the number of fatalities of bicyclists who were involved in accidents with motor vehicles has increased annually.

Obtaining legal support from an expert personal injury attorney

If you were riding your bicycle and were injured in an accident with a negligent motor vehicle driver, you may want to consult an experienced Kentucky personal injury attorney, who may be able to make a big difference in your case. Your rights need to be protected and you will hopefully be able to obtain the compensation that you deserve and that you need to live a comfortable life.