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What might my car accident case be worth?

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2022 | Uncategorized

After an auto accident, injured people need to think about their future in several ways. Injuries can hinder just about every aspect of their lives, including completing daily tasks, contributing to family, working and going to school. It might leave them with massive medical expenses and an uncertain future. People who have been in a crash are frequently unsure of what they should do in the immediate aftermath.

Steps to take after an auto accident

After the collision, it is imperative to follow certain steps to be fully protected and keep all options open. Moving the vehicle to the side of the road, checking for injuries, calling the police, filling out an accident report, taking photos of the vehicles, finding witnesses and exchanging insurance might all seem like obvious suggestions, but amid the adrenaline rush and fear that accompanies a car crash, it can be forgotten. This might harm a legal claim.

Sometimes people are left with serious injuries that do not manifest right away with pain, bruising, cuts or the inability to move. Some injuries, including very serious traumatic brain injuries, can take time to develop in the body or to show themselves in symptoms.

Until the injured are examined and accurately diagnosed, it is impossible to know how much the personal injury aspect of the accident is worth. For example, if a person did not have obvious injuries, but in the weeks following the collision started to feel neck and back pain that were eventually revealed to be whiplash or spinal cord damage, then this will be a problem that should be covered in a legal claim. It is vital to get medical treatment even if the person just does not feel “right.”

Neck and back injuries can be problematic in many areas of life. The person could have worked at a blue-collar job in a warehouse or factory that requires physical exertion. Being unable to do their job will leave them wondering how they will pay their bills. This could be factored in with an auto accident claim. Even those who work at sedentary jobs where they sit behind a desk could be unable to do even that because of neck and back pain.

With injuries of greater severity in which emergency surgery is needed, there might be rehabilitation, long-term damage and problems returning to the way the person was prior to the injury. That will result in medical costs, the need for help performing certain tasks, a specially-equipped vehicle and other accommodations. Every necessity will be crucial in how much the case is worth.

Legal advice is key before speaking to insurers

When speaking to an insurance company, the insurer can use anything the person says to try and claim the person was not initially injured and subsequently reduce the amount of a settlement offer even if injuries do crop up later. The insurer may sound friendly and caring, but their main objective is to minimize costs. A settlement might be offered and it could sound sufficient, but when everything is calculated, it is nowhere close to enough. A settlement should not be taken before speaking to a legal professional.

Auto accident victims commonly forget that they need to protect their interests and have legal guidance. It is all-but impossible to give an accurate gauge of what at the claim could be worth before the person is treated, diagnosed and the long-term ramifications are known. To get the maximum amount based on the injuries and extended challenges, it is imperative to have professional assistance from the start.