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Sometimes the government can be sued after car accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2022 | Uncategorized

Many people in Eastern Kentucky are employed by or contract with the federal or state government. To give just one of many examples, federal employees work at Daniel Boone National Forest. Many others may work for one of the many cities, counties, or towns in the area.

Public employees make up a large portion of Kentucky’s workforce. Not surprisingly, many of these people drive regularly as part of their job duties, while others may from time to time drive on official business.

Like anyone else, government employees have an obligation to drive carefully while traveling on Kentucky’s roads.

If through negligence they cause car wrecks that leave victims injured, the employee and his or her government employer may be held responsible to pay compensation under Kentucky common law.

Suing a government body can be an involved process

Not surprisingly, government bodies at any level do not like to pay claims, as this is an extra cost that may ultimately mean higher taxes or fewer government services going to the public. Governments may put up a vigorous fight against a claim, so victims will have to be persistent when asking for the compensation they deserve.

Furthermore, special rules may apply to personal injury cases against a government agency. In Kentucky, people have permission to file personal injury lawsuits against local governments like cities and counties.

While people are also allowed to sue the federal government, there are strict procedures and restrictions that apply. Prior to filing suit against a federal agency, for example, a victim will have to file a claim directly with the agency and give the agency up to six months to review it.

Individual agencies do have the option to compromise a claim prior to the victim’s filing a formal lawsuit.

Those accident victims who have claims against a local government, the United States or the State of Kentucky should make sure they understand their legal options.