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Fatal accident requires three to be airlifted

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2021 | Uncategorized

We live in an idyllic area of the country, and our roadways are usually blissfully uncongested. However, this does not mean that our roads are any less dangerous as those in major cities. Unfortunately, this was exemplified in a recent fatal car accident that required three to be airlifted to local hospitals.

The Pulaski County car accident

According to local police, the Pulaski County car accident was a head-on car accident. The impact occurred between a Jeep and another SUV on East Kentucky 80, just outside of Somerset, Kentucky.

After the fatal car accident

The Jeep driver was killed and pronounced dead on the scene, but three people in the other SUV had to be airlifted to local hospitals. None of their conditions are currently known, and the car wreck is still under investigation. Though, the roadway has since been reopened. Anyone with information, including witnesses, are encouraged to contact police.

Options for families and victims of car accidents

For Somerset, Kentucky, residents that have been involved in a car accident have options. For the victims themselves, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed against the negligent driver to hold them accountable. And, even if the victim themselves was killed, the surviving family members can also file a wrongful death lawsuit against that driver.

Regardless of whether one is the victim themselves or the family of someone killed by the negligence of another, call an attorney. The attorney can walk victims and their families through the civil justice process to ensure they get the compensation and justice they need to get back to some semblance of their life prior to their car accident.