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Drowsiness and driving a truck is a dangerous combination

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2021 | Uncategorized

Tractor-trailer trucks are important part of the economy in Kentucky. They are important for both businesses and individuals. They are able to haul large quantities around the country to various locations so they can be used by businesses in the production of their own products and also put merchandise on shelves for individual consumers to buy. However, while their size allows to haul the products they need to haul, the size also can make them very dangerous to other drivers on the road.

When they are involved in truck accidents they can cause significant damage to the smaller vehicles on the road as well as cause severe injuries to those involved. It is important for all drivers to drive safely, but it is especially important for truck drivers. This means they must pay attention to all traffic laws and also ensure they are not tired or under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. To help ensure this happens there are strict rules for truck drivers including how long they can drive each day to make sure they are alert.

Hours of service rules

Truck drivers must take at least 10 hours off each day. Then following a 10 hour off period they can only drive a maximum of 11 hours within the next 14 hours of the day. This can be extended by two hours if there are adverse conditions though. Truck drivers also need to take a 30-minute break after eight hours of driving. In a week, truck drivers can drive 60 hours in a seven day period or 70 hours in a eight day period. They then must take off at least 34 hours before starting another seven or eight-day period of time.

There are many trucks on the roads in Kentucky every day. These trucks are important for both the overall economy and for the truck drivers themselves who earn their income by driving the trucks. It is important that they drive safely though and follow all the rules and regulations. If they do not and cause an accident, they may be required to compensate the victims for the damages they cause. Experienced attorneys understand the devastation of truck accidents and may be able to help one through the process.