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Common causes of motorcycle accident

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | Uncategorized

In the event of a crash between a motorcycle and a car, it is the motorcyclist who is more likely to get severely injured. This is because the motorcyclist does not have the protections a motorist does—no air bags or bulky car frames to protect from sustaining injuries all over the body. A car is also more stable, given its four wheels compared to a motorcycle’s two. According to some estimates, motorcyclists died in 80% of crashes with cars.

Visibility issues

One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is that motorists are not conscious of other vehicles on the road, including motorcycles. Around 33% of accidents take place because a car comes in the way of a motorcycle. This is because motorcyclists are not as visible as other vehicles. While the burden is on motorists to look for motorcycles, motorcyclists should be prepared to swerve or brake when drivers do not.

Common injuries

Motorcyclists are often ejected from their cycle at the time of a crash, and this results in head injuries that they might not recover from. It is also possible that they hit other objects as a result, worsening their injuries. They are also more likely to suffer from road rash.

The roadways belong to motorcyclists just as much as they do to motorists. It is the responsibility of every driver on the road to ensure they are not engaging in risky behavior and follow traffic safety rules. When they do not, it is more likely that they cause and accident with a motorcyclist that can result in serious injuries. Injured accident victims may be able to recover compensation that can decrease the financial burden associated with the crash and an experienced attorney may be able to help them do so.