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Linked auto accidents kill motorcyclist, injure off-duty officer

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2020 | Firm News

Motorcyclists who take to the Kentucky roads are at risk of injuries and fatalities stemming from a collision. These motorcycle accidents can happen regardless of rider vigilance and attention to safety. Drivers of passenger vehicles and trucks can be reckless, fail to see riders, be distracted, commit other acts of negligence or simply be a caught up in unfortunate circumstances and crash into a biker. In addition, people who are helping after an accident are also vulnerable. Linked accidents led to the death of a rider and an off-duty officer being hurt.

Rider hit and killed by SUV; officer hit by truck and seriously hurt

The series of events began shortly before 7 a.m. A 30-year-old rider who was heading east had stopped his motorcycle and was hit by an SUV driven by a 19-year-old. Emergency responders pronounced him dead. An off-duty law enforcement officer who came upon the accident was hit by a truck. The SUV driver was uninjured. According to the investigation into both collisions, it is possible that the time of day and the subsequent position of the sun was a factor. The officer was taken to the hospital and underwent surgery. Her life was not said to be in danger, but her injuries were serious.

The aftermath of an auto accident can cause many challenges

Getting a call that a loved one was injured or killed in an auto accident is one of the worst feelings a person can face. In addition to the emotional aftereffects, there are financial and personal considerations that must be accounted for. Injuries can lead to extended hospitalizations, medical treatment, lost time at work and long-term life changes. With a fatality, there are funeral costs, lost companionship and the need to accept that a loved one is gone forever in what was likely an avoidable incident. While it might not be the foremost on the injured person and a family’s mind, a legal filing could be needed to recover sufficient compensation.

Legal assistance can be useful after an accident

The motorcyclist in this crash lost his life when he was hit by an SUV. The officer who simply stopped to help was seriously hurt and underwent surgery. Negotiating a settlement or going to court requires experienced advice. To assess the cases and decide how to move forward, those who were impacted by these auto accidents should understand what steps to take. A firm experienced in motorcycle accidents and car crashes may be able to help.