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The purpose of crash reconstruction in Kentucky accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2020 | Firm News

A crash reconstruction specialist can often end up being the most important person in an accident investigation, especially where death or serious injuries have occurred.  In a courtroom, a crash reconstruction can be the piece of evidence that convinces a jury to award significant compensation, as it allows them to actually see the accident.

So, what does a crash reconstruction specialist do?  In short, they analyze data from a crash. He or she will visit the site, and perform multiple analysis.  One example are skid marks.  A specialist will examine the start and stopping points of those marks, as well as measure how far a vehicle skidded in total.  The direction of a skid will also be noted.  Other analysis may include observing the damage to all involved vehicles.

Technology plays a huge role in today’s courtrooms.  Some vehicles are equipped with data collection boxes, which a crash reconstruction specialist may retrieve. These boxes can provide information such as speed at the time of a crash, brake depression, and whether or not seatbelts were worn.  All of this, combined with observances made at the actual crash site, can be input into a simulation software that will then show the jury a simulation of an accident. This is a much more reliable account of events than a witness who changes his or her story several times.

An experienced car accident attorney can assist you in locating a reputable crash reconstruction specialist who can help win your case.  Having these tools may result in a significantly larger compensation and award.